Citrique (AAAA)

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This OG Kush cross is an almost wonderful offset sativa, with a taste that can coordinate with its intensity. Checking in at 22% THC or more, Citrique is a 60/40 sativa-prevailing mixture from raiser Alaskan Blooms.

Moreover, It mixes the regular smell of Kush with stunning tones of citrus plants, giving this strain its name. Citrique is an extraordinary the entire day strain that can leave smokers feeling euphoric and engaged. It’s ideally suited for smoothing out dull undertakings and gives an inventive lift that craftsmen and performers want.

Its fair cannabinoid profile additionally gives it serene and quieting energies, common of indica’s. Thus, it’s additionally extraordinary for loosening up and unwinding toward the finish of a drawn out day.


60/40 sativa-predominant strain

Adjusted high: conveys invigorating and narcotic impacts

Tart citrus-forward flavor with piney notes

Amazing THC fixation: 22% or more

Incredible strain for any season of day, including wake-and-heats or nightcaps

Uses and Effects

As a close obvious cross-breed, this strain provides smokers with the smartest possible solution. Since indica’s for the most part have more perceptible impacts than sativa’s do, Citrique’s somewhat sativa-forward cannabinoid profile adjusts its attributes genuinely well. As a result, smokers will feel both the cranial incitement of a sativa alongside the substantial body sedation of an indica.

Therefore, Citrique might have the option to lighten manifestations of a few clinical issues. These might include:

  • A sleeping disorder
  • Ongoing torment and aggravation
  • Low hunger
  • Uneasiness and stress
  • Issues
  • Fragrance and Appearance
Citrique’s champion attribute is effectively its striking character and smell. As an OG Kush relative, the unmistakable smell and taste of Kush are ever-present in this strain. Citrusy fragrances likewise proliferate, shivering at the nose and taste buds as it follows intently behind.

A mixture of hearty, woody, and piney notes assists with balancing this present strain’s fragrance, with a scramble of zest to accentuate its citrusy smell. So, after lighting this strain, the character adopts a more citrus-forward strategy, with the brand name Kush flavor toned down for a fruity, lemony burst.

This strain is additionally outwardly dazzling. Moreover, Its strong, woodland green buds sparkle with a sheen of tar, and an adroit eye can choose the glimmer of individual trichome gems. Orange and golden hairs, deserving of the citrusy name that this strain conjures, burst forward from between the thickly pressed nugs. And they disintegrate impeccably between the fingers, making this strain extraordinary for bowls, vapes, and joints the same.

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Citrique (AAAA)

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81% of people report feeling relaxed


49% of people report feeling sleepy


48% of people report feeling happy


Dry Mouth

81% of people report feeling relaxed

Dry eyes

19% of people report feeling dry eyes


8% of people report feeling dizzy

Helps With


35% of people say it helps with stress


32% of people say it helps with pain


28% of people say it helps with insomnia